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QCast gives you an accessible and intuitive interface to listen to your favorite podcasts. No more wrestling with the program just so you can listen to a new episode. It will never lose your place, and should you desire, you can speed your podcasts up for more enjoyable listening. Interested? You can try it for free right now!

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Make Podcatching fun again!

Podcasts have taken the world by storm. These audio or video presentations are meant to be downloaded and enjoyed by people from around the world. Podcasts are different from commercial productions because anyone can create a podcast, and podcasts are almost always free.

Podcasts cover a wide range of subjects from the lighthearted and silly to serious news or scholarly presentations. You can find podcasts about parenting, cooking, religion, politics, technology, and much more.

Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine uses a podcast each month to feature a story from the magazine. Some podcasters use their shows to teach their listeners a new language.

People use a piece of software called a podcatcher to automatically download new episodes of their favorite podcasts. Then they can listen to the podcasts on their computer, phone, or tablet. Most podcasts come in mp3 or m4a formats.

Until recently, most podcatchers for the PC and Mac were clunky and complicated to use with a screen reader. Blind users could make them work, but it took more time and effort than most people wanted to spend. iTunes is probably the most widely used podcatcher, and the iTunes interface under Windows is particularly cumbersome to use.

QCast features

QCast is an accessible, intuitive and full-featured podcast player for your Windows or Mac desktop. With QCast you can:

  • Listen to thousands of podcasts from all over the internet, right from your desktop.
  • Automatically receive new episodes as they are posted.
  • Search for new podcasts to listen to
  • Rewind, fast forward and adjust the playback speed of the episode you are playing.
  • Resume both downloaded and streaming episodes right where you left off after closing QCast or switching to a different podcast.
  • Listen to password-protected podcasts
  • Import your favorite podcasts from other software or export your podcast list to another podcatcher.
  • And much more!

Until now, the only methods for listening to podcasts from your computer have been clunky or inaccessible. QCast changes the game by providing you a slick, easy way to listen to podcasts. Whether you are a veteran podcast listener who can't miss your daily episodes, or someone who's never really tried the podcast thing, give it a try and see how awesome it can be!

Our first cross platform app!

We have been developing a set of technologies to enable accessible application development on multiple platforms. QCast is the first demonstration of this technology, and we are proud to provide the same access whether you are using it with OS X or Windows.

A single license for QCast is valid for both your Mac and Windows computers, so why not get yours now?

What people are saying

Several people have performed audio reviews of QCast. You can listen to them below. Note that QCast has continuously improved since the time of the reviews, so they may not reflect the latest state of the program. Still, they should give you a good idea of QCast's capabilities.